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Top-notch quality DIY kits and Assembled Keyboards continuously enhance each component for an unparalleled typing experience

Introducing FEKER Our team comprises dedicated mechanical keyboard enthusiasts driven by a passion for exploring the latest trends and infusing creative artistry into our work. We revel in the fusion of lifestyle and industrial design, consistently integrating fresh fashion elements into our meticulously crafted produ

With Feker, expect nothing short of excellence. We are devoted to crafting timeless customized products that remain relevant amidst ever-evolving trends. Encouraging a bold approach to customization, we offer top-notch quality DIY kits and continuously enhance each component for an unparalleled typing experience.

Best DIY & Assembled
Keyboards in the Market.

  • High-Quality Products

    Feker Alice keyboards are built to last, boasting premium materials and precision engineering for unrivaled durability. From intense gaming to heavy workloads, count on Feker Alice to be your reliable companion for years.

  • Customize them to your likeness

    With Feker Alice, customization knows no bounds. From switch types to keycap designs, tailor every detail to suit your unique style and preferences, making your keyboard truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Full of Features

    Elevate your typing experience with Feker Alice's feature-rich keyboards. Enjoy lightning-fast response times, customizable RGB lighting, and ergonomic design for enhanced productivity and enjoyment.